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Reasons Why Plant Botanic Conservation Is Important

Plants are life-sustaining natural features that should be protected. The growing world’s population has put different plant species under threat since people need more land. According to research, about 100,000 plants are under the threat of extinction and the figure is project grow. Extinction of different plant species will greatly affect the entire ecosystem as there are animals that will lose and shelter. Therefore, destruction of forest cover should be treated as a global threat as it is the backbone of life. Plant protection agencies and bodies have been established and a lot of money invested to protect different plant species from extinction. Additionally, there are laws and policies that have been enacted to protect plants from damage by human activities. Below, you will learn why plant conservation is important.

Plants processes such as photosynthesis are important in air cleaning as it takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Plant conservation is important to ensure the supply of fresh air to all the living organisms. Maintaining the composition of air at 21% requires different plant species. Also, plants are considered as primary consumers in the food chain. Therefore, removal of plants from the ecosystem can disrupt the food chain and different living organisms will die. Humans use different species of plants as food and that means that plant conservation should be given priority to ensure the supply of food to all the players in the food chain.

Soil erosion can lead to loss of fertile land and that is why many methods have been adopted to combat soil erosion. One of the ways to prevent different types of soil erosion is increasing plant cover. Plant conservation is encouraged as a way of avoiding some of the effects of soil erosion such as loss of fertility. Also, plants provide raw materials to different industries such as medicine, construction, clothing, and food. Drug manufacturing companies use different plant species in the manufacture of drugs. For that reason, plant conservation offers breakthrough to drug research and studies.

Plant diversity is under threat as many plant species are being over-exploited. For instance, the level of logging of timber trees has reached unsustainable levels and there is no replacement. Climate change is the other thing that affects the existence of different plant species and this is evident from the forest fires. Humans have the mandate to ensure that plant species are safeguarded by enacting the right policies and laws. Botanic gardens play an important role in protecting different plant specifies. For a sustainable ecosystem, plant conservation should be given priority to ensure that no plant species does not become extinct.

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